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Social Media

Like everyone in New Media I’ve used Social Media for many years, however I endeavor to use it as a promotional tool more than as personal communication. Over the years I’ve assisted artists and communities in setting up Facebook Groups, twitter accounts, MySpace accounts, and Ning Accounts. Selecting the correct tool to get the most market penetration is based on quick surveys of the users to determine which communication tool they use the most. Unfortunately one of the more interesting social media I helped create isn’t available any longer. I created a Google Chat Bot for ¬†an IT group that would answer many basic questions, and would route more difficult answers to technicians. With any use of social media the key to longevity is managing user changes by having a clear purpose and plan for the page.

A site to communicate events and information for a Photography Club:

A defunct twitter account used to communicate technical issues between technicians in geographically separate areas:

A facebook group to plan meetings and events for cavers in the State College, PA area:

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