Robert L. Martin Creative Consulting, New Media Design, Photography, and Printing

Robert L. Martin

Web Design

Web Design has been a staple of my freelance work since 1996, lately I have focused on providing database driven web pages that clients can alter themselves.

Midland Arts Company
Programmer, Designer, Photography

Propriocept: A Discussion
Project Manager, Designer, Implementation

Programmer and Implementation

A PHP enabled check in/out system for tracking student lunch attendance.
(Note: actual implementation is behind firewall and inset within WordPress theme for School)
Graphic Design, Implentaion

Penn State University Web Presence:

I worked for University Publications for a time, and part of my job was to help design the new web presence for Penn State, complete with a style manual with rules for internal organizations regarding how to build their websites to match the main websites style. The images below illustrate the changes in the website over several iterations.

WinMill Software:
I worked as Lead Designer, Trainer, and Software Developer for WinMill Software in early 2000. While we worked on many projects, the ones below illustrate the design and programming changes made to and Each of these sites were created with Cold Fusion, and were some early examples of database driven sites. As Lead Designer I facilitated interaction between the design team and the programming team, programmed pages when needed, and created the overall design schema. I created an iterative design process, to slowly change the look and feel of sites over time, rather than completely overhaul sites with a new look.

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