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Application Design

Recent Application Design Projects:

That first experience designing an application wet my whistle for interactive communication and helped to form ideas about design and the efficacy of interactivity. From there I learned some programming, and have been incorporating coding and design into high school and college classes. I’ve found students are reluctant to enter the very abstracted world of code, but once they conquer that fear are able to do amazing things. A high school student I taught was getting terrible grades in math, but doing well in my game design class. He presented an amazing simulation of orbital mechanics in which each planet gravity, mass, and velocity, 5 planets, all orbiting each other. The visuals were stunning, and his vision got him past all of the difficult math. We presented the program to his algebra teacher, and once he was able to describe the math behind what he had done, gave him credit for those lessons. In his case, the interactivity and the visuals pulled him through a block he had about math. I love the power of application design for that reason!

Living in Love Application:
Interface Designer, Project Manager, Collaborator

Eagle Schools Mobile Web:
Project Consultant

Lightweight Mobile RSS Feeder Application:
Project Manager, Graphics, Programming
A group needed to read RSS feeds in areas with very low bandwidth. I created this application using XCode and C++ that was only installed on phones in the institution. Small, custom applications like this are becoming popular ways to overcome very specific issues.

Depth of Field Application:
Project Manager, Graphics, Programming

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