Robert L. Martin Creative Consulting, New Media Design, Photography, and Printing

Robert L. Martin

Motion and Media

My first video project was with Midnight Media in New Jersey, we combined live video of phlebotimists and blood draws with 3d animation using a Wavefront system. Combining graphics, 3d, and video allowed us to illustrate certain medical practices with unprecedented clarity. Lately my research has taken me towards making short sequences of video controlled by sensors in a gallery.

BioMass Animated Video:
Technical Adviser

Ouray Gear Fest Opening:
Opening for video documentary.
Editor, Videographer, Director

White Lies: Documentation and Background information on a New Media Project by Robert Martin:
Artist, Director, Writer, Editor

3D After Effects MultiLayering on Motion Video:
Editor and videographer

Algorithmic Portrait of Beeber Elementary 6th Grade Class:
60 formal portraits of 6th grade students combined using mathematical video processors. Photographer, programmer, artist

Live Video Documentation of Beeber Algorithmic Video Performance:

Artist Video Series: James Thurman:
Graphics and Director

Precession of Simulacra: Original Virtual Video from Second Life:
Writer, Director, Editor

Wave Alteration Series:
Conceptual Video projects presented in a gallery, projected larger than life size, order of frames alters based on movement of individuals in the space. Arduino sensors programmed to interact with computer video.
Photographer, Programmer, Editor

White Lies Artist Documentation Video:
A “mocumentary” of the process and outcome of the “White Lies” project.
Artist, videographer, director.

A project in which the oldest and youngest members of a church community were documented and combined. 

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