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Robert L. Martin
Steamboat Student Film Festival

WOW! It was a close one, but we got a good number of films submitted to Steamboat Student Film Festival! 9 student films were submitted, and 5 were accepted into the show! What a great thing for the students.

What is really important to me is the value of outside critique and examination. Students are often so focused on faculty feedback, they forget that they are ALREADY artists, and need to understand their place in the larger world of storytelling and art. This is why teachers always work to discuss the historic and contemporary contexts of art and communication, students can then know where their work falls in the greater world.

I hear it every year, and I remember making the same argument in undergrad. “How can I make anything original if I’m always looking at other art?” It seems like a good argument, until we look at things with a different perspective, 1. How do you know your art is original, if you don’t know about other art? and 2. How can you put this into the proper context if you don’t understand the broad ideas of what has been done.

No one creates in a vacuum, all art and communication is created by re-contextualizing our experience. To create anything one must have materials, art history, communications history, and an understanding of the contemporary scene are the materials of ideas.

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