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Google Glass and Data Design

I’ve been reading the Google Glass User Interface Guidelines and it’s pretty impressive what they’re doing with such a small screen size. One set of interfaces, cards, gives very little design control, the dev provides text and “Glass makes sure it looks great”. This seems a little bit like the design strategy for older Mac Applications.. you provide the content and we’ll make the interface. Haven’t we moved past that?

Digging farther reveals HTML and CSS templates that Google “strongly encourage you to use our HTML templates.” Of course it’s HTML and CSS, so there is more freedom, within limitations. I haven’t found if you can push new typefaces out or if we’re limited to the few that are already in the Glass.

Pondering the privacy issues in class resulted in a possible cool idea, imaging a short range RFID chip that could be read by Google Glass, it would be relatively trivial to create a program that would check with your Google + profile to see if you wanted to be seen by Google Glass. Whenever the RFID chip is sensed, (meaning you’d be close enough to resolve on the camera) Google Glass could check with the home DB, find a “no image” flag, and blur that person out.

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