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Aspen Ideas Festival
Aspen Ideas Festival

What a great first day! The Aspen Institute asked the Isaacson School to bring students in to help man some information stations provided by Microsoft. At first, things were fairly chaotic as the festival was starting up, and parts were still arriving on campus. We found the first kiosk and the students helped to set […]

Where the water goes.

In early June 2014 I went on a bit of an adventure with Derek Johnston and Seth Andersen. We awoke early in the morning and traveled to the continental divide, climbed to the top, and skied down through the softening snow. After hitchhiking back to the car we descended the mountain, creating photo and video […]

Why Visual?

I’m almost never asked why I’m a visual artist working in New Media, it is assumed these days that anyone working in this field uses video, visuals, and graphics. For me though it’s not just chance that I choose to work with images, I choose these for the very specific impact that images have. Bear […]

Steamboat Student Film Festival

WOW! It was a close one, but we got a good number of films submitted to Steamboat Student Film Festival! 9 student films were submitted, and 5 were accepted into the show! What a great thing for the students. What is really important to me is the value of outside critique and examination. Students are […]

Isaacson School

What a whirlwind few months. I’ve changed locations again, now in Glenwood, and working for Colorado Mountain College as the Director of the Isaacson School. Students have been focused on learning, faculty has been focused on altering curriculum to become a school focused on storytelling. While this seems like a simple change, it really alters […]

Google Glass and Data Design

I’ve been reading the Google Glass User Interface Guidelines and it’s pretty impressive what they’re doing with such a small screen size. One set of interfaces, cards, gives very little design control, the dev provides text and “Glass makes sure it looks great”. This seems a little bit like the design strategy for older Mac […]

Performance of Data: Involving Students in Data Analysis

I recently had a discussion with my mentor Dr. Charles Garoian regarding my concerns that my visualized information might be the only thing people are using when considering student performance. He did like that I “play” with the information before giving it solid form, and compared my process to a jazz musician “riffing”. This riffing […]

Flipping the Classroom: Video and agency

SchoolNet now allows instructors to “flip” their classroom by assigning online resources for students to view outside the classroom. I’ve been using online instruction, supported by video resources for over a decade, and I still question the efficacy of that methodology. Agency is defined as “a persons capacity to act”, specifically engaging with a social […]

Wayfinder: Identifying Risk

The wayfinder project has been going on for over half a year now, and while I’m excited that we’ve identified a large number of students, I’m not completely certain the process is as efficient as it could be. For the last information pull I included more columns of information into the graphics, expecting counselors to […]

Data Visualization

A project called Wayfinder is giving me access to some really exciting uses of data. I’m pulling information regarding student attendance, GPA, and grades, and compiling that information into some useful ways to assess whether a student is at risk. Research shows those three variables to most accurately predict whether a student will drop out. […]

Eagle and the new valley

We’ve moved since my last post, to Eagle. We have also started to camp more and find more adventures with the kids. This weekend we spent on the bank of the Colorado river near the Grizzly exit watching boats go by and playing on the beach. This is a stark contrast to my day job […]

School is starting

What a busy time of year, school is starting, a new baby coming, and a bunch of new technical challenges on the printing and web design front. Lots to do, but I’ve found I thrive when things are at their busiest. Here’s to hoping I can juggle it all.