Robert L. Martin Creative Consulting, New Media Design, Photography, and Printing

Robert L. Martin

Offering consulting services for the creative industry. As a photographer Robert is interested in exploring ideas relating to change, flow, disruption, and identity. He is curious about the world around him and holds a strong belief that art communicates differently than written words. Some of his portfolios can be found here, or you can schedule a time to see his current work. He is interested in identity and the affect our lives have upon our surroundings, and he often asks others to participate in the making of his work, preferring a cohort of co-creators over consumers of artwork.

In addition Robert has over 20 years experience in technical photography, design, and printing. He consults on color calibration and print production, and offers high resolution, archival, print output for discerning artists. The challenge of matching color for photographers and artists using uncommon media is one he enjoys. Please see the printing tab for more information.

Lastly Robert is a teacher specializing in educating people in design, conceptual art, technology, and problem solving. For more than 15 years he’s trained and taught at various institutions. Currently he instructs advanced media concepts at Grand Valley High School in Parachute, Colorado. His high school students consistently amaze him with the ease with which they adapt to deep software paradigms involved with photography, game design, 3D animation, video, and production.

Lastly, feel free to visit the blog or board areas if you want to discuss art, critical theory, design, or print, Robert enjoys bantering about fine art and the creation of fine art.

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