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Robert L. Martin


Highlights of a Career in New Media:

The following links demonstrate a sampling of my work in New Media over the past decades. My first project began in 1990 with a few friends in college. We programmed, in Pascal, graphics that would appear over video on a laser-disc player, interaction was through a touch screen made of a grid of IR sensors. A business plan was hatched, and we started meeting with possible investors. We hoped to create kiosks with interactive advertising to be used in Supermarkets, and our first proposal was to count the number of cavities ‘killed’ by tapping, and give the user a coupon with changing value based on the score of the game. Little did we know that’s considered a form of gambling, and our business plan went down the tubes. However, the experience formed my interest in interactive storytelling and design, and the contacts we made lead to my first position with a company out of school.

Looking back I’ve been cutting my teeth in New Media for my whole career, teaching and learning about the broad philosophy and practice of storytelling in multiple modalities.

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