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Where the water goes.

In early June 2014 I went on a bit of an adventure with Derek Johnston and Seth Andersen. We awoke early in the morning and traveled to the continental divide, climbed to the top, and skied down through the softening snow. After hitchhiking back to the car we descended the mountain, creating photo and video of the melting snow and descending water. We drove through Aspen, stopped at a few rapids, and then Derek and Seth got into inflatable kayaks and descended through the spring flood waters to the confluence with the Colorado River.

An adventure to be sure, and worthy of capturing with sound, video, and stills. Ohh what a sunrise! You should have been there! Truly living life! But my mind always turns to the abstract, and I thought about the way water runs through our valley, the life blood of the valley in a way.

Water isn’t really a leader, it follows an established path through the lower parts of the landscape. Snow fills in the gulleys, melts, and runs down the valley through channels and nooks and crannies. It does leave its mark though, in the form of canyons carved in the rock and the slow movement of the land.

This made me think of our students, they follow the footsteps of others, heading through terrain carved by the leaders in the field, their faculty, and previous students. Their time a school is sometimes tumultuous, and always full of change as they learn about new media. But in the end, as they make their way towards graduation they change, and they also leave their mark upon the landscape, slowly carving new paths for the next spring melt of students.

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