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Robert L. Martin
Data Visualization

A project called Wayfinder is giving me access to some really exciting uses of data. I’m pulling information regarding student attendance, GPA, and grades, and compiling that information into some useful ways to assess whether a student is at risk. Research shows those three variables to most accurately predict whether a student will drop out. Once the data is compiled I export it into Excel, then bring it into R to create a visual analysis. These are somewhat rough, so that data is then exported yet again, and brought into Illustrator and Photoshop to create finalized typography and designs.

In each step of the process it’s important to understand what kinds of alterations might happen with the data. I’m hoping to build one of these with images at some point, giving weight to the relationships between teacher and student. This connects with the group self portraits I had done some time ago. I am hoping I can bring this kind of analysis to define group dynamics between students in a classroom eventually.

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